Should we be allowing sleepovers?

Sleepovers have become a thorn in my parental-side. (the BEST sleepover, right here!) Not actually HAVING them… but letting my children GO to them. Or NOT. And considering what has come to light with politician Michael Gardner… I just want to add my 2 cents about the famed childhood tradition: The Sleepover… Our family is […]

Like A Druggie… Gettin’ Her Fix On.

We’ve all seen the crime show here the Fuzz busts into a smokey, dark room. All the pot heads (I’m sorry if I am being multiculturally insensitive) are laying on the floor/couches/counters… They care not about The Fuzz, man… they just feelin’ the LOVE. That scenario??? Not AT ALL unlike children … … … and […]

Giving up.

In a sense. The talk around the house lately has been Lent. More specifically, what to give up for Lent. We (the family) don’t always give something up… in fact, I don’t think my kids ever have. My spousal unit and I have. Randomly. Wax and wane. Wax on, wax off? Aaaaanywhoooos… My middle daughter […]

The Appendix: Not to be confused with the appendix

??? I’ve had a bit of a bothersome belly ache lately. Sciatica? Dislocation due to an overly-motivated workout? Regardless… I’m not feeling right. Off and on. For a few days. Just a nudge of discomfort… enough for me to feel complainery… but not enough for one to feel the need to enlist the help of […]

Christmas: The Cutest Felt Wreath of All

My daughter has this thing called Market Day at school. It happens, oh… 4 times a year. The kids in grades 3, 4, and 5 earn Market Day money throughout the year. For Market Day the kids bring in hand-crafted items of unimaginable kind. I missed the one right before Christmas break because… Uh… WellbecauseIamabadmom.OK?! […]

Back-to-School: What do moms do with all their “free” time? [vlog]

Now that all the spawn are in school – all day… I have been asked, “So whatcha gonna do with all that free time?” I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do… In fact, it seems I have had so much time… I have become a regular photographer and master of text-on-photo! Disclosure: My son’s favorite […]

Dare I Tell You I Left My Kid(s) Home Alone?

I guess I just did. I left my older 2 home while I took Young Lucy to a birthday party… to the home of adults I had not met. I had to go. This is what mothers do. We do not drop our kids off at the homes of strangers. Except I did. It had […]

The Confessional: I give my kids sugar cereal.

I confess.┬áSee this box: It’s a box-o Lucky Charms. I have a picture of it here in this post because I have this box in my home. Folks. Friends… Cast ye judgment aside lest ye cast yon first stone…. This is not the first time I have brought sugar cereal into my home. Alas and […]

Motherhood, Transitions & The Art of Being Busy

They are all really one in the same. One AND the same? How does the saying go? In the last week (give or take a week) I have experienced some pretty big schtuff. I did not sign with a record label. I did not land a contract as a television talk show host. Nor did […]

Tips for Airline Travel with Children {Guest Post by Michelle of Falafel and the Bee!}

My Michelle. She is a most wonderful woman. Creative. Funny. Highly allergic. I met Michelle probably close to two hands worth of fingers ago. She has become a very dear friend. Out youngests have forged a very sweet relationship. Our youngests… during one of their first playdates. I remember this day like it was yesterday… […]