Garden and Yard Tour: Meet My Future Garden!

Let me start by stating… I am NOT a gardener, yet. Garden and Yard Tour Over the years I haaaaave learned a thing or two about gardening, therefor I do know a few things like I know I: can do it have friends who teach me stuff about it get a LEGIT THRILL out of […]

10 Beautiful Backyard Escape Ideas

The time I have spent in my backyard this summer has been for function not for backyard escape. 10 Backyard Escape Ideas I have trimmed trees and shrubs, raked and tossed bad fruit, tossed a few outdoor tablecloths on my tables as weather permits… and I have stood on my deck and sighed. Countless times. […]

DIY: How To Make A Fairy Garden!

A little over a year ago I don’t think I had ever heard of a fairy garden. Have you ever heard of a fairy garden? Lucy and I went to a class at a local nursery and made a fairy garden together, and we had such a sweet time! And for the last year I […]

Spring Gifting: DIY Daisy Pots!

Hey friends! I have been wanting to share this little DIY with you for quite some time… DIY DAISY POTS! It’s pretty easy, guys! Just watch!This little craft doesn’t take a lot of skill. Nor time… The largest chunk of time will be spent gathering supplies. Because this is something I have been doing for […]

I’m gonna keep it real all up in here…

LAST WEEK… I went outside in my socks. I. KNOW! I’m gonna be even real-er… IT WASN’T MY FIRST TIME! I am a repeat offender. Also… I wore this to the bus stop AND to school drop-off on Thursday: And when I wake-up, the left side of my hair does this… this morning she was […]

{VLOG} Put Jenny On the Spot: If you were a flower…

My friend @imalazymom nudged me on the Twitters: Not to be one to leave a call-out unanswered… I delivered. Seriously. If YOU were a flower… what would YOU be? {le sigh} Love these. [photo credit: ShelbyNycole] ******** Get Jenny On the Spot’s newest posts in email or in your blog reader. Keep up on JOtS […]