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This is Jenny. She is on the spot…

Jenny On the Spot // Silly Girl

Jenny is a sparkly, well-caffeinated mother of 3 who lives in the Pacific NorthWET (near-ish Seattle) with her husband of 22 years and counting!




This is the fam…

The fam in Kauai 2016

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This blog is featured in Blog Design for Dummies, btw…

You can contact Jenny via email if you are so inclined: jennyonthespot [at] gmail [dot] com

When visiting JOtS, take a moment to sit back, sip some hot coffee (or tea) (or something yummy) and enjoy! Here at Jenny On the Spot we (Jenny and her alter egos) strive to entertain! We hope you’ll find yourself laughing, learning, laughing, crying, and will find this little home online to be a place to escape.


Some call this a mommy blog, and yes… there’s that. DEFINITELY THAT. But JOTS is also a lifestyle and humor-centered storytelling blog, with some crafts and recipes tossed in for your pinning pleasure. JOTS is a place for the stories and activities of life… filtered through a pretty big funny bone. There are countless news and information sites out there. This is not one of them.

Well, unless you want *news* of fun crafts and *news* about how much Jenny loves bacon and *news* about new crafts jenny is taking on.

If THAT’S the news you are looking for.

If laughter is the best medicine, Jenny wants to be your go-to pharmacy!




Oh, and videos. I’m a VIDEO BLOGGER… a.k.a. VLOGGER:


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You can reach Jenny by email, jennyonthespot [at] gmail [dot] com or by yelling “HEY JOTS!!!” really loud. Maybe.

Other spots:


  • Inspired You Event Founder and even speaker
  • Viral video maker
  • Huffington Post Living Fearless contributor
  • Workshop leader at AIGA Into the Woods Conference (2012)
  • Published in Redbook Magazine – March 2012
  • Former iVoice video correspondent with iVillage.
  • Lead community learning-focused classes (social media education: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Blogging)
  • Brand ambassadorships with companies such as the Foundation for Alcohol Responsiblity, Method, eBay, Tempurpedic, and Huggies.
  • Emcee (a few local auctions… *cracks neck*)
  • Ignite Seattle 11 speaker 2010
  • Conference workshop and session speaker: Type-A Mom Conference 2010, Blissdom 2011, Bloggy Boot Camp Seattle 2011, Evo 2011 Ignite Keynote (visit here to view video) & session speaker, BlogHer Conference 2011, BlogWorld Expo LA, 2011
  • Speaker at Keeping Up With Technology series at the Poulsbo library (Facebook, YouTube & in November 2012 – Pinterest)
  • Little known fact… former caption writer of LOL on the icanhazcheezeburger network.
  • Last, but not least, Best Taco Maker in the World, according to my children. They will provide references upon request.


As a former high school and junior high teacher – turned stay-at-home mom – turned work-at-home mom… it has been fun for Jenny to revisit the world of teaching…. ESPECIALLY when a microphone is involved.

If you are here because you’d like to chat about working together, you can email her at: jennyonthespot @ gmail . com

And for fun (Jenny LOVES fun), this is when Jenny’s family was younger, and muddier…

The JOTS fair family

Peace and sparkles and WELCOME!

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