Must-Have Standing Desk by FlexiSpot

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We have have found a MUST-HAVE… the standing desk by FlexiSpot, just in time for back-to-school season! This post contains affiliate links and we received a desk from FlexiSpot in order to share our honest review.

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What makes the FlexiSpot a “must-have”? Well, there are a few features! The one here is their Pro Plus Standing Desk, E7:

FlexiSpot E7 Pro Plus Standing Desk
  • It is beauuuutiful (we have the bamboo top and hubba hubba).
  • It’s customizable (you choose the frame color and desktop material, our frame is white).
Beneath my FlexiSpot desk
  • It’s electric and it’s slick (the motor is quiet, and runs smooth).
  • This must-have standing desk has a handy keypad (no hand-cranking during those Zoom meetings!). Ours is the premium keypad.
  • It’s programmable (premium keypad FTW!).
  • There are cool accessory options (like monitor stands and keyboard trays and mats for standing).
  • A standing desk contributes toward better health. I am not saying it will make you healthy, to be clear, but… if sitting really is the new smoking, the FlexiSpot makes the process of integrating standing easy, and even kind-of fun, then that’s a big win!
FlexiSpot Must-Have Standing Desk

This must-have standing desk comes in two separate boxes, and that’s a good thing. The base is heavy, and the bamboo top isn’t a wimp either. My husband put it together, and lucky him, he is the main user of this new must-have desk by FlexiSpot.

Putting the FlexiSpot standing desk together

You can get your own must-have standing desk from FlexiSpot here… just in time for the busy back-to-school study season! Oh, and important note – the desktop is scratch and stain resistant – perfect the busy and sometimes messy student in your life…

How about that student in your life that seems to never stop moving? Well, FlexiSpot isn’t just about the must-have standing desk… check out their Sit2Go Fitness chair! This chair is an ideal way to ease an exercise routine into your day by combining the comfort of a traditional desk chair with the health benefits of an exercise bike!

FlexiSpot’s Sit2Go F1 Fitness Chair

And if you organization is your love language, they evne have a desk to speak to you. Their All-In-One Comhar Standing Desk (a modern tempered glass desk top finished with rounded edges)

FlexiSpot’s All-in-One Comhar Standing Desk

My husband did end up adding a keyboard tray the this must-have standing desk by FlexiSpot, and I added flowers on the desk for the pictures *wink*. He does not keep a plant and flowers on his desk… that’s my all my vibe. Do you keep flowers on your desk? What is one must-have desk accessory you cannot live without?

For another must-have recommendation, bit one NOT having to do with work, have you checked out our stock tank pool (link here)?

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