Herein lies my Life List… or as I prefer to call it Life MENU. Why Life MENU? You can read about what inspired me to put this on paper/the interwebz right here. But this is my list… the things that help me look forward to the new, the exciting… things that make keep on dreamin’… I think it is important to always dream…

Things I’d Love To Do

– Do a daily photo challenge to document life. Say… 2…5 years? Life changes a lot in 5 years. I think seeing a daily visual life catalog could be mundane, but also moving…
– Write a book!
Learn to surf
Hang glide!
– Learn to play the drums
– Start a chick band.
– Learn to french braid
– Swing on a trapeze
– Vlog every day for a month
– Swim in all 7 oceans
– Complete and Iron Man triathlon
Compete in a Lutefisk Eating Contest
Be keynote speaker (EVO!)

Photo by Justin Hackworth -

(photo cred: Justin Hackworth)

– Throw a big, fancy party to treat and celebrate my friends & family
Have a reason to get a passport
– Go to/work on a dude ranch
Go paddle boarding
SOAR in a hot air balloon (did it at Evo too!!! I see a theme!)

I'm on a hot air balloon via @jennyonthespot
– Help 13 others check-off something on their life lists
– Ride a mechanical bull

Things To Do With Someone(s) I Love

– 2 month road trip with family across the U.S. (We’ve done a 3 weeker… I think we are THAT kinda family!)
– NYC with the family (Really, I want to take them everywhere… I want to watch my kids see the world)
tropical vacay