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Kitchen remodel design, anyone??? Enter: Dovetailed Design: “We make home renovations easy with affordable digital design services! ” and friends let me tell you…

Dovetailed reached out to me last year (oh, Covid…) and offered to me one of their design packages in trade for my fair and honest Google review.

Kitchen remodel design by Dovetailed Design

I had never heard of Dovetailed Design before, but I gotta say… the hope of a professional kitchen remodel design sure sounded like a win. So I said agreed to take on the process.

And I am not even a little mad about it.

I went through their process and provided my review. Ya’ll. I was so impressed with their service and product!

Dovetailed Design did not ask for me to share here, but I found it to be such a fantastic resource… I can’t NOT share!

Many of us many not be able to afford a designer for their kitchen remodel. Though my husband is pretty handy and though we are both pretty creative, aaaaand though we are not terribly uncomfortable dreaming about how we’d redesign our kitchen – we DO know we are not pros and love the idea of professional help.

This is where Dovetailed Design meets a real need. I experienced their Designer Kitchen Package (a $375 value). There are 8 designer packages to choose from and each include:

  • Floor Plan.
  • Detailed elevations.
  • 3D color renderings.
  • Style box of samples.
  • Product and material quote.
  • 2 revisions.

Did I mention this service is all virtual (waves to Covid). To kick things off, I headed to their website. I chose my kitchen remodel design package, the Fairfax Design package in City Scape. Soon after, I received my box of samples in the mail, and got working with my handy tape measure. Anything the slightest bit mathy stresses me out a little, but I did it because… I WANTED TO SEE WHAT GORGEOUS THINGS THEY COULD DO WITH OUR…


Our current kitchen. It's big, but dated! Definitely a candidate for kitchen remodel design intervention.

Honestly, the measuring really wasn’t that bad. It just required a bit of focus. And time. Though my kitchen is not trendy or modern… it is BIG. I am crazy grateful for the bigness, but it makes for a lot of cabinetry to update.

An aside: I removed the *ahem* impressive pear wallpaper border that used to line all the counters.

The I sent the measurements and less than than 2 days after I sent in my measurements and answered a couple of follow-up questions from my designer I received the 3d renderings and detailed elevations and I was smitten!

Kitchen Remodel Design – 3D Renderings

Shiplap, tile and floating shelves
Overhead and side kitchen view

The only hiccup was a delay in reply for the 2nd revision. The service was so brand new at the time there was a notification error in the platform. I did have to reach-out for a the follow-up on the revision. However, the issue was resolved and just as advertised and promised, my revisions were delivered to me within the 2 day time frame, even with some back-and-forth for clarifying questions from the designer.

We decided a sink in the island was probably not how we roll, so the revisions reflect that change and the possibility of having only one oven instead of two (based on the fact that there are some pretty spacious single yet double oven units on the market now).

Kitchen remodel design with second wave of changes
Kitchen remodel design with second wave of changes

The questions she asked really helped me sort through some issues I hadn’t considered… and who knows… maybe had we been left to our own design devices we’d have had an oven door dueling a dishwasher door!

Using their design services for a kitchen remodel design does not require you to go through their providers, but they can connect you with companies and provide quotes based on the materials, measurements, etc… “Materials include but are not limited to Semi-custom Cabinets made in Washington State, backsplash tile or solid surface, counter tops, cabinet hardware, and a paint color palette.”

If you are not in Washington state, I’d encourage you to reach out to them and ask a few questions.

Would you like to see what came in my sample box?

Dovetailed Design sample box

If you’ve seen the little update I made to my master bath (posted on Instagram here), it is clear I love me some golden touches. The thought of a kitchen with gold drawer pulls definitely makes my heart skip a beat! If you’d like to check out a FULL bathroom remodel we did all on our own, you can check that post out here.

As impressive as Dovetailed Design’s 3D color renderings are, here’s a look at the detailed elevations for the kitchen remodel design. I have the BIGGEST crush on this part of the service.

Dovetailed Design Detailed Elevations

Detailed elevations by Dovetailed Design

They sent 5 pages of elevation drawings for each sample… remember this package included up to two changes!

In summary, if you are thinking of a kitchen (or bathroom – they are just offering bathroom designs as well), I vote for checking out Dovetailed Design! Poke around. See what they’re all about. Drop them a note… and tell them Jenny told ya they are awesome!

Peace and sparkles and home-improvement dreams,

Jenny ✨

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