Word for the Year – A Gritty One

Do you have a word for the year? A goal? A phrase? Some kind-of word or saying that represents a resolution of some sort? Or do you have a specific resolution? Some live by them. Some hate the thought of them. You? Me? I like the idea of starting fresh, and each morning is a […]

The Monday Minute: National Ampersand Day

Hi all! Happy Labor Day and… Happy Monday! Here’s the low-down on the week ahead: Monday – Labor Day Labor Day Tuesday – Barbie Doll Day Wednesday – National Acorn Squash Day Thursday – National Ampersand Day Friday – Stand up to Cancer Day So if between school pictures, children’s theatre rehearsals, Inspired You planning, […]

Photo Bombed by Santa! Or… Santa at the Space Needle

We live in the greater Seattle area. This means, we either have to take a bridge or a ferry in order to get to the fair Emerald City. Which means, we don’t get to the city a whole lot. At least not as a family. But this time of year is our favorite “city” time […]

Video proof I met Wendi McLendon-Covey

Exactly WHAT kind of impression… who really knows. I know they cut out the part where I accidentally kicked her. And the part where I aksed her if she’d pose for a picture with me. Continued… ******** Get Jenny On the Spot’s newest posts in email or in your blog reader. Keep up on JOtS […]


This is really more about make-up than me. I’m SERIOUS. Ish. What?! I explain it all right here… ******** Get Jenny On the Spot’s newest posts in email or in your blog reader. Keep up on JOtS giveaways – get new giveaway updates via email by clicking here! Follow: Twitter, Become a Facebook Fan keep-up […]

A 40th birthday, cheese slapping and then the neighbors called the popo.

Let’s just say that I am no spring chicken, nor┬áhave I ever been to the principal’s office (well… not because of ME), nor have I ever been to a kind-of party where The Law has been summoned. UNTIL this weekend. It all started innocently enough. My friend. Her 40th. Black-bottom cupcakes. Cute decorations. Margaritas.

Ponderings of the sick: Could I be allergic to geoduck?

Isn’t the human body disgusting amazing? I was gone all weekend, and the minute I walked into my home Sunday afternoon, my body said, “Nu-uh. You done.” I was all, “Whu? What, body? I have work.” And my body was all, “No you di’ent.” It didn’t matter. I had doing to do. And I did […]

Fortune… in a cookie.

I am such an adolescent. (in bed) Heh. Am I the only one who mentally adds “in bed” to the end of fortune cookie fortunes? Heh. Heh. *raises eyebrow, elbows husband* ******** Get Jenny On the Spot’s newest posts in email or in your blog reader. Keep up on JOtS giveaways – get new giveaway […]

I have lost 7.5 pounds in the last month.

Lost? Actually… not so much. I kicked those babies to the curb. For now, at least. Sure, I don’t know where they went, but I didn’t “lose” them either. Losing is unintentional… I didn’t wake up one morning to find them suddenly not there. Not that I am at my goal weight. Not that I […]

For Winning

Who doesn’t like to win? Seriously. Unless it’s winning a contest for being the ugliest. Or winning a contest for being stinky. *Speaking of stink, parents… have you seen my post about Don’t Fret the Sweat? There’s video!!! I suppose we can’t forget Charlie Sheen. His winning is not so much winning either. But I […]