48 Things I Have Learned in 48 Years

by | Oct 27, 2020 | Life

48 Things I Have Learned in 48 Years, like whoa.

(in no particular order because I am never that strategic)

48. No one will read a list of 48 things.

13. I do not enjoy politics. I keep trying to become “into it”, but if I take an honest look at the arc of my life… I have never, ever liked politics. Especially odd fact in the light of my previous statement: I had a vrrry close brush with becoming a poli sci teaching assistant in college and came *this close* to majoring in poli sci. I really did enjoy Constitutional Law. Maybe I should have aimed for Supreme Court Justice. I understand Amy Coney Barrett is 48. Oh well… I digress. 

Other things I’ve learned (or have just accepted)…

12. One can never have too many coffee mugs.

11. Nor sweatshirts / sweaters / denim jackets.

10. Nor vanilla or pumpkin scented candles.

9. Nor statement earrings.

statement earrings

8. No matter how cute your red glasses are, they will always remind people of Sally Jessy Rafael. If you don’t know who SJR is, then you probably don’t need to use moisturizer with special wrinkle-fighting agents like I do, so enjoy this season of bliss – the wrinkles will come. Amen and bless our hearts.

Sally Jessy Raphael glasses
Related and unexpected trivia note/motivational nugget: SJR became the first female daytime talkshow host… at the age of (wait for it…) FORTY-EIGHT.


7. Moisturizer is mandatory. 

6. Flossing really is important.

5. Gum grafts are AWFUL.

4. If you don’t trust someone’s advice, don’t sacrifice good real estate in your mind for their criticism. That’s my own version of the several versions of a similar quote.

3. 80’s music will ALWAYS be the best dance music. Any dance scene in any current era movie proves my point unequivocally. Here’s my 80’s playlist on Sportify. Go have a dance party!

2. Half-and-half in coffee if one must, but heavy whipping cream is the only, truly right way.

1. A soft answer turns away wrath (Proverbs 15:1) and acknowledging hurt you are responsible for (see also: an apology) is like choosing to make the trip to the store to buy a brand new bottle of Super Glue instead of trying to force glue out of that old bottle at the back of the junk drawer. It’s harder and takes more time to go get a new bottle, but we all know that crusty old, bitter bottle never, ever works.

Oh, I also learned how to read and write in the last 48 years, but I think that is pretty obvious so didn’t think those items should have made this list. Some things just go without saying 😉

Cheers & peace & sparkles!

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