Amazon Finds: My Current Summer Fashion Favorites

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My Amazon summer faves! Here is a short little summary of things on Amazon that are making my summer, as far as fashion is concerned. I also have quite a list of party items, kitchen items, and even some grocery. I should disclose that there are two items here that I do not yet own, but a girl can’t have everything. Well, at least not all at once 😉

Also, some links may be affiliate links which means I receive a portion of sales made using these links at no added cost to you!

As I was saying… I will be hitting “buy” on those adorable camo jogger jeans (PAIGE Women’s Mayslie Jogger here) soonly as they are on wicked sale and while I am not a brand-snob, I do know that Paige jeans are *chef’s kiss* and these are a deal as of the moment I am typing this.

The other item is the woven bag/tote. I love her and hope to add her to my collection of bags that I roate through. I love options!

The rest of my Amazon summer faves are:

  • Kimono – There are many color options for this Kimono, but I love the golden yellow! I have had this one for a few years and it’s just the best. I always get compliments on it!
  • T-shirt – it’s soft, oversized and goes with jeans, shorts, leggings, pajama pants… When my sister visited she borrowed it and barely had it on 30 minutes before asking for the link so she could get her own!
  • Clear bag – I don’t go to many stadium events, but when I do (I just went a couple of weeks ago), I am PREPARED with the cutest bag in any section I sit!
  • That straw belt – I got a cute dress from Zara for some event I can’t recall and it came with a fabric belt that brought down the level of fantastic that the dress had in it. I got this cute belt to keep it summery and fun… and goes great with…
  • The clutch – I love her. She holds all I need for an evening and even has a gold shoulder strap as an option. As I said before, I love me some options!
  • Cosmetic bag – you may have seen this style everywhere, and I am here to testify – I love it. It folds up nicely and fits a remarkable amount of toiletries. I am more of a plastic zipper bag kinda-toiletry packer, but this has changed my game! I can see everything when it opens up!
  • The tote – I went on about at the top of this post!
  • Black jeans – I don’t know if black jeans are something people recommend as summer wear, but I don’t care. They have a little hole at the knee (ventilation) and are cropped with a raw edge and I say OWN IT GIRL! I LOVE them. And my ankles get too cold to wear them in winter, so…
  • The cuff jeans – are cuff jeans still in? Regardless they cute & comfy and I wear them so much I have 2 pair. Sue me.
  • The jogger jeans – they are regularly $218 and marked down 59% to $89.99 so that makes them even cuter, right?

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