13 Dining Chairs You Want In Your Dining Room Now!

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Maybe I am currently obsessed with dining chairs because I am currently obsessing over replacing all of mine…though I currently have no business replacing anything of the sort.

My current chairs are perfectly fine. They work and are in good repair.

HOWEVER, my current dining chairs are average and to be completely honest, this girl is ready for an update.

I also think my current obsession over them has to do with the fact that we just overhauled our dining room (i.e. TOOK DOWN A WALL), replaced flooring, and did you see how I up-cycled our pantry and hall closet doors (here)?! Besides, how can a girl NOT think about what different, fun, or trendy furniture might add to a more open, and new-to-this-house dining space?

13 Dining Chairs you want in your dining room right now

So here are some pieces I have come across. The first ones would NEVER work in my dining room, but if I had the nerve… I might consider them for around the small kitchen table…

Silvie Tamsin Dining Chair – Anthropologie

This chair is RIDICUOUS. AND probably not the right fit for my house & style, but I could almost be convinced to change my style and brand new dining space because these ARE AMAZING:

Handcarved Menagerie Owl Dining Chair – Anthropologie

Honestly, by BIGGEST obsession in chairs is probably every one else’s obsession… RATTAN:

Rattan Chair – Amazon

I don’t need a rattan/wicker chair to be fancy for me to LOVE it. But I’ll tell you what… this fan back chair has my heart:

Fan Back Rattan – Target

For a little modern flair, I’d totally cast my vote for this handsome chair!

Baron Chair – Target

How about a little velvet and modern all mixed together???


Vianne Velvet Dining Chair – Target

Here’s another rattan chair I wouldn’t reject if it showed up around my dining table!

Salinas Rattan – CB2

I can always count on All Modern to tempt and delight me…

Campion Velvet Windsor Back Chair – All Modern


Dylan Upholstered Dining Chair – All Modern

OK. So check out these delicious yellow velvet numbers. SWOON…

Milia Dining Chair– Overstock

And then there are these and I am smitten. Utterly smitten.

Retro Cool – VNTG

And as fun and unique all these chairs are… I just can’t ignore the simplicity of basic metal chairs. I like the very basic gun metal because they just seem to go with EVERYTHING…

Metal Dining Chairs – Amazon

But there’s a VERY big part of me that wants to click BUY on a beautiful set of 4 yellow chairs. Nothing says breakfast nook/let’s serve these eggs over easy quite like these:

Simple Metal in Yellow – Amazon

As I scroll through my pics, I think it’s obvious I favor yellow and blue. And velvet. And rattan.

What would your ideal dining chairs look like? If you had no budget and no design limitations… what style are your drawn to?

13 Dining Chairs you want in your dining room right now

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