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by | Oct 29, 2020 | Life

“For until we enter quietness, the world still lays hold of us.” Dallas Willard

Enter Quietness quote by Dallas WIllard

In a very noisy, loud season of the world ?… this is where I firmly sit.

I have been drowning in the words, opinion, and expectations of others for decades, and especially the last handful of years. I suppose it is no coincidence that my journey of retreat began this time last year (more like a military retreat to regroup, rest, and reassess vs. an extended stay at the spa for pampering, though I would REALLY love a good few days at a spa ??‍♀️??‍♀️).

It’s as if my spirit knew I’d need to be anchored and practiced in the opposite direction of what the world is screaming in my face.

In a time when there is what feels like an unprecedented pressure and expectation to be loud…  I have turned the in very opposite direction. And I have done it somewhat rebelliously, I suppose.

No one can hear each other anyway, right? The messaging I hear  LOUD and CLEAR (or am I just sensitive to it these days) is to be LOUD. 

But how can we hear and think in the midst of such noise?

Sometimes when I think about all the confusing and loud noise I can’t help but think of Mel Gibson’s son in the movie Ransom. Have you seen it? The son is kidnapped and kept in a room with awful, blaring music. It’d like torture.

That is how the noise feels to me. 

When it comes to me adding to the noise I can’t help but be believe my words would not bring comfort, healing, change, or unity – regardless of creed… or non-creed.


Well… I’ve been struggling with anger. Resentment. Rebellion.. Anger (yes, I typed that twice). Hurt. Exhaustion. Directionlessness (?). Hopelessness. Loneliness… and not just pandemic-induced loneliness. In fact, when the pandemic came and we were forced into loneliness I joked with my husband, “I’ve been training for this very moment for almost a whole year!”

And that is a whole other story… about discernment and making hard choices/courage.

I have not been in a season where I fully trust my own perspective (see sentence above), and certainly not most human opinion nor perspective.

Therefore retreat… enter quietness.

I read the quote by Dallas Willard in the forward of Ruth Hart Barton’s book, Invitation to Solitude and Silence towards the beginning of my season of retreat (linked below).

I know God is not calling me to forever retreat (pretty sure the monk life isn’t my calling), and I also know my work in this quiet(er) space is not yet done. I have decisions to make and direction to find, and I know without a doubt that what I am seeking is not found in the noise or from the hand of the world.

Do you feel overwhelmed and confused? I know the idea of retreat is hard, and opposite of what feels like everyone is doing, but maybe you need a little time to draw back and catch your breath and lean your back in the muddy trench for a little while. A great, easy starting book: The Way of the Heart by Henri Nouwen.

Other books I have enjoyed during this journey:

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