It’s been fun, but GOOD WORD I miss my family…

Sure… Harrison Ford and I had some good times… SURE… the Lorax and I got to be cool and be chill… SURE… I got *this close* to Joe Jonas… And *that close* to Rascal Flatts… Even closer really… but someone else took the picture of me WITH them. And I don’t know where to find […]

The Minions are coming, the Minions are coming!

Once upon a time (May 2011) there was a family that went to a land far, far away. Well, far away to them. Seattle to FLA = far. And sunny. Heaven bless my fair-skinned, blue-eyed (OK, one has green eyes) Northwest vampires babes. The sunshine throws their cloud-covered eyes into a tailspin. Speaking of tailspin… […]

The Bowling Circle: Family Tradition

It’s like a drum circle. Except it’s not at all like a drum circle. Every time my parents come for a visit, or we go visit my parents… and always during Christmas holiday visits… we drop a serious wad at the bowling alley. Did you bowling is not cheap? Nope. But we do it. Because […]

Planking + Mud = Family Pictures

FAMILY PICTURES  – WOO!!! Our brilliant photographer (and good friend Mark Gsellman – Photomatopoeia) captured some fun moments one partly-cloudy afternoon a couple weeks back. I thought I’d share just a few here. Because I can’t help it. We may or may not be into technology and/or mobile devices… That’s our apple tree – isn’t […]

Extended Family: It’s been far too long…

Our extended family lives EVERYWHERE. My family, my husband’s family… from the South, to the Midwest, to the Northwest, to the Rocky Mountains, to sunny Southern California… While me and my nuclear family live in the shadow of the Space Needle. Well, not LITERALLY in the shadow, we have to take a ferry to get to […]

Lettuce Wraps: I had you at “lettuce”…

Actually, I am fairly certain I did not have you at “lettuce”, but “Lettuce Wraps” as a title leaves me wanting, so I threw that extra part in there. You’re welcome. But I did make Lettuce Wraps for dinner. TURKEY Lettuce Wraps. That’s right…. TURKEY. *bom chicka wow WOW* I came across a recipe for […]

Universal Orlando Resort: We are going to there and you can too!

*Winner update! Lovely the lovely Michlelle of Falafel and the Bee (commenter#16) and the fabulous Carina of The Jet Set (commenter #39) are my lucky winners! Thank you EVERYONE for your participation… and patience with my delayed announcement. Of course I wanted everyone to win, but had I sent 100 “you win” emails, that would […]

Dear 2010…

I am thankful. For family. For friends. For meaningful relationships. For the birth of new ones. For the understanding of long-standing ones. For life. For love. For my God and his mercies. Not deserving. But needing. I am thankful. For the gift of each new year. For memories. For history. For hope. I am thankful. […]

Can I Snuggle You?

My youngest. Oh how she loves to snuggle. LOVES. Passion of her heart. When Lucy starts to spiral… when her behavior takes a turn for the worse… when she gets weepy or defiant or when stress rises across the whole family… I have to remind myself, “My girl needs to connect. She needs to be […]