Take It On Tuesday – In which I take on early morning to watch the sun rise over the Atlantic

In case you missed it… I went to Miami. Yep. I even got sunburned. Yup. On my last morning there, since I didn’t have a day of responsibilities, I thought it’d be awesome to rise and shine before the sun did and take on catching the sunrise on the Atlantic Ocean… from South Beach. So […]

Take It On Tuesday! Surviving the Wild (or my own backyard) Part 2

It’s time! Time for Part TWO of my Take It On Tuesday! Surviving the Wild (or my own backyard)! I did make it back home. OBVIOUSLY. I could have written/uploaded to YouTube had I died/been kidnapped by honey badgers (or bunnies) in my own back 40. You want to know something funny? It’s more funny […]

Take It On Tuesday! Surviving the Wild (or my own backyard) Part 1

It’s Take It On Tuesday, people! Today I take on MY OWN BACKYARD! If you are familiar with the wilder 2 acres of my property, you would have just felt chills up your spine because – IT’S SCARY. Like, WILDLIFE AND THORNS ALL UP IN YOUR GRILL, SCARY. My friend Jill of Baby Rabies put […]

Take It On Tuesday: The Kids Got Their Flu Shots

I know, I know. The topic of immunizations can be a pretty touchy subject. I am not here to evangelize the flu shot cause. Nope. Do whatcha gotta do, families. Rather, I am here, along with my children,  for those who decide shots are the right choice for them… to give hope to the fearful. […]

Take It On Tuesday: The Kitchen Has Been Painted a Beautiful Shade of BLUE!!!

It is Take It On Tuesday and the kitchen has been painted a beautiful shade of blue! I call it “On the SPot Blue.” I wonder why… It took the better part of the weekend. And we had an unfortunate hiccup with the color (the tinted primer was a shade of blue I loved, but […]

Take It On Tuesday: It’s Time… to PAINT THE KITCHEN, PEOPLE!

It is time for me to PAINT THE KITCHEN, PEOPLE! I have put it off long enough. The color has been chosen. (that blue – charming, yes?) The primer has been tinted. The windows have been FrogTaped. FOR NEARLY 3 MONTHS. (Thanks dad!) Next time you see this kitchen… she will be a lovely shade […]

Take It On Tuesday: In which I take-on the quad. AKA… FOUR WHEELING(ish)!

You read that right… I took on our quad! I went FOUR WHEELING (ish) in our own backyard for Take It On Tuesday! We have had the quad for over a year. My dad passed it on to us when they moved. The kids and the husband have all made their rounds on it. But […]

Take It On Tuesday: How To Make Glitter-Filled Starbucks Cold Cup!

It is Take It On Tuesday and I am taking on how to make a glitter filled insulated cold cup! More specifically, the… Starbucks Cold Cup I AM A FLIPPING GLITTER NINJA, PEOPLE!!! I followed this how-to that I found on Pinterest. But I had to make a video. Because that’s what I do. Glitter […]

A How-To… Take It On Tuesday: Deep Fried Twinkies, Oreos, bananas, and…

YOU. GUYS. It’s Take It On Tuesday and DEEP FRIED TWINKIES ARE IN THE HOUSE!!! Deep fried Twinkies. And Oreos. And a mini Crunch bar. And banana chunks. And a pickle. So… this is not something to do OFTEN, but I would go so far as to say if you have never deep fried a […]

Take It On Tuesday: I Voted and A Little About Just BEing…

I voted today. And it is Take It On Tuesday, so I have a video for you! Also: IT’S EGG NOG SEASON!!!!! /// Our society is so focused on doing, going, doing… I am as guilty as the guiltiest of that. So, I decided to talk a little about the lost art of just BEing. This […]