DIY: Thrifted (or old) T-shirt to TANK TOP!

Can be honest with you? Of course I can. I really like that song Fireball by Pitbull. OOPS. I didn’t mean to be THAT honest. What I MEANT to share was… DIY-ing makes me nervous. I think some think I am kind-of a free spirit and really I am a very tightly wound ball of […]

April Ipsy Bag Unbagging. Not Unboxing. Because it comes in a bag.

Herefollows my April Ipsy Bag unbagging. It comes in a bag, not a box. I think these subscription services are a distraction for me. (Ipsy is a beauty-style monthly subscription service) They distract me from telling other stories. Like all my fascinating stories about laundry and driving children around and whathaveyou. I just went to Goodwill […]

Jord Wood Watches: In Which I Fall In Love

I’m just going to keep it real here. I like things. I like accessory things. I especially like good-looking accessory things. Say, for example, Jord wood watches… And and… that box. Related: I did the sexy whistle when I opened that box. If ever there was love at first sight. Actually, I fell in love […]

Yet Another Unboxing: Rocksbox Premium Jewelry Subscription Box

Some people say they were born in the wrong decade… Some think they are a 50’s sock-hopper at heart. Or a hippie. Or a flapper. I kind-of think I was born smack-dab at the right time: electricity, heated seats, automatic doors on minivans, and a Bubba Gump-esque-level of subscription services… but instead of shrimp gumbo […]

Take It On Tuesday: Water Marble Nail Art

Let me just first disclose: I AM NOT A NAIL POLISH WEARING GIRL. It’s not that I don’t WANT to… Nay. It’s because 1) I paint my own nails like with the acuity of a four year old. 2) My nails reject polish like some people reject organ transplants. Nail polish refuses to stay on […]

My Latest Stitch Fix Unboxing: In Which I Fall For A Little Black Dress

I’m sorry for another unboxing video… unless you like unboxing videos. In my defense, I received the Popsugar one MONTHS ago and was just late editing the unboxing video so really, these happened months apart in my real life. Internet life is so deceiving! But to be perfectly honest, I love these things. The surprise. […]

Eppa Sangria: Certified Organic Sangria feat. Superfruit plus a Party

Have you ever seen an ice luge… for sangria? I hadn’t until last week. Awesome, right? (Photo credit Lucrecer Braxton) You know what else is awesome? The sangria that went through that ice luge… Eppa Sangria. Not only is it delicious (I adore the white and the red equally, and I am not typically a […]

My First Stitch Fix

Let me start out by first mentioning… I do not know how fashion bloggers do it… Taking pictures of themselves and/or having others take style pictures of them… HOW DO THEY DO IT? If ever there was proof I am an awkward dork… the pictures I share with you here today are hard evidence. Before […]

My Spring Wardrobe Spruce-Up with Kohl’s (AND a Kohl’s Gift Card Giveaway!)

You. Guys. I am so excited. SPRING IS IN THE AIR! You know what that means… it’s time for a wardrobe spruce-up, y’all! *Disclosure: Thank you to Kohl’s for providing me with the gift card that funded my wardrobe spruce-up!* I was so excited to take on this little Spring wardrobe spruce-up project because frankly… […]

Conair Holiday Glow and Go!

There’s no place like home for the holidays? No. Not when there are products like the Conair true glow Sonic Cleansing Brush AND Infiniti Pro Conair Hair Designer Dryer that make it easy for you to get your glow on! When your hair and skin are feeling great, you want to take them out on […]