The Monday Minute (or two) – Thanksgiving Week!

Hi all! It’s that time of the week again – it’s MONDAY! And that means it’s time for The Monday Minute (or two)… a time where I try to help make a “case of the Mondays” a GOOD thing! Mondays have a bad reputation and I feel a little sorry for Mondays. What did they […]

The Monday Minute. Or Two.

Hey friends! It’s MONDAY. Some of you are all, “YEAH MONDAY!” And you’re fist pumping and such. While others are all, “shutupjenny”. You can’t find your glasses, let alone find the shift key and space bar to insert capitalization and such. In case you were unaware, I’ve started a new little *thing* over on my […]

Things I’m Really Into Right Now: Plaids and Flannels

I own a pair of Birkenstocks. And I am into flannel, And coffee. Forevermore. TYPICAL PACIFIC NORTHWESTIE IS TYPICAL. It’s been awhile since I’ve shared about what I am really into right now, so I figured it is time. I will often share several things I am really into in one video, but my obsession […]

What To Expect: My Second Gum Graft

You could probably care less about my gum graft. At this writing I am on Day One into the healing process of the first of two. The thing is, I am consumed by it. Ever since my dentist told me a long time ago that I needed TWO MORE (I had one about 4 years […]

Acorn Fall Box: Feat. My Morning Ritual, Lists, and Halloween Candy

I woke up the other morning, as I do on mornings. I wake up. I woke up before the children to get me my Me Time. *This is an Acorn Influence sponsored story, featuring items from their Acorn Fall Box. This story and opinion is mine, all mine. My early-morning Me Time includes (but is not […]

Wonder and Company: Wonderful Objects Box Unboxing!

My name is Jenny and I like surprises. Not surprises like, “Oh hey… we need to throw out all the meat in the freezer because the freezer must’ve quite working a few days ago and there’s a puddle in the garage and…” Not THOSE kinds of surprises. I like surprises of cute things. Fun things. […]

What I’ve Learned This Summer

I haven’t written for the sake of writing in a while. But I have spent some time in a hammock. You know what I’ve learned this summer? I have learned that no matter how intent you are… no matter how MUCH you know how to NOT flip over in a hammock… flipping over in a […]

How I Broke My Pinky Toe. Edited: Three Times

So, I made a video of me telling the story of how I broke my pinky toe. And then. Lucy hurt her knee and had been hobbling around on crutches and one week after – what I will now refer to as – My First Break Lucy hobbled by me and re-injured my broken toe […]

Two Podcasts

I really tried to come up with a better title. But. Podcasts. They are all the rage right now. PROBABLY BECAUSE THEY ARE AWESOME. I love me a good Podcast. I love This American Life, and the Ted Radio Hour, and The Accidental Creative, and The Moth, and Criminal, and Stuff to Blow Your Mind, […]

Things I’m Really Into Right Now – Episode 7 – Feat. Fringe

No, I am not talking about a surrey with a fringe on the top. (Thank you high school voice ensemble for the wide musical experience, including but not limited to a Rodgers and Hammerstein mash-up that I can probably STILL sing all the alto parts to rather flawlessly but I digress…) I am talking about […]