Honest Observations

Kids. If anyone is gonna give it to you straight, it’s gonna be your kids. No black too black. No white too white. So secret safe. No room for ego. If your arm is jiggly… you WILL get called out. If you have been working on the computer too much, your son might say something […]

The First Day of School

Add this post to the millions being posted out there on the blogosphere this month. And this picture… The first day of school. Mercy on a mother’s soul.

Make We Laugh Monday – Snapshots of Life

Come Sunday night, I often find myself in semi-scramble mode to come up with content for a good Monday Laugh. I find myself pouring through iPhoto, or peeking through past comments or google-ing strange things – with the word “funny” being the root of my creative, albeit LONG string searches. I really don’t want to […]

The Bomb.com

That is what my 11 year old son has been calling me lately. My gosh, is he not the most brilliant young man EVER?!!! I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… *wink* ******** Keep up on the ridiculous, the insightful, the always digressive… Get Jenny On The Spot by RSS or EMAIL […]

Happy Birthday to My Boy

Dear Joel, My poor boy, you are just like your mama… But lucky boy, you are your father’s son. We are both firstborns. We are both emotional. We are both particular. We are both see-ers of a glass half-empty. We both need an adjustment period when we learn a plan changes. You are just like […]

Things I’m Good At: Stirring, Removing Tags, and Stuff

Either I need to expose my kids to more things, or I need to continue harboring them from certifiable Awesome. Things I’m Good At: Stirring, Removing Tags, and Stuff I think I am going try to keep them from society as much as possible because, right now… they think I am THE BOMB! I love […]

I Look Like A Jonas Brother

I had to head out to a meeting this afternoon. Before the meeting, I picked up my son from school. As we walked to the car he asked, “Why are you dressed up?” In Which I Look Like A Jonas Brother I was all, “I’m going to a meeting…. and want to look professional-ish, yo. […]

No More Santa

In a manner of speaking. Joel (10) knows. No More Santa He knows about the Tooth Fairy. He’s suspected for awhile. The last tooth he lost (a couple months ago), he handed me his tooth and stated, “Here’s my tooth. You can just give me the money now. I know you are the Tooth Fairy.” Immediately, […]

My Children… My Madness, My Joy

            I was feeling quite “down” last week. It was noticeable, especially to my children because THERE WAS NERRY A MOMENT WE HAD AWAY FROM EACH OTHER. My Children… My Madness, My Joy My son wanted to cheer me up. So while driving in the car, to the gym.. so […]

Testimony of a Mother: How to Let Go

Testimony of a Mother: How to Let Go Before becoming a mom I never thought: I’d allow MY children to wear a saggy diaper. I’d yell at them. I’d wear socks with flip flops, but only in emergencies… I’d wonder if I had birthed the spawn of the devil.  Important note: The “threes” are the […]