Goofing-off and/or working

That title about sums up this post. I work from home… Day… Night. Because there is no 9-5 in this bidness.¬†And sometimes from coffee shops (socialization/people-watching is critical). These are glimpses into my mania productivity: This picture is titled: Eye Yey Yey Yey Eye. Some folks have a water cooler to gather-round at work. Some […]

You know you are online a wee-bit too much when…

You go to Google to search for something you misplaced in your own home… Has anyone ever done this? Or maybe… Looks like I’m not the only one. In my own defense… I only got to the point where I went to my computer and typed “goog” into my browser when I realized Google would […]

Let’s not focus on aging… or maybe I will.

Things I love: Coffee sipped from a bright, fun mug given by a dear friend Sparkly Converse Wide-legged jeans are BACK The amazing colors of fall I have spent the first day of my 39th doing a lot of things pertaining to my role as mom… Nothing particularly sparkly. Nothing mind-blowing… Unless one looks at […]

The last post before IT happens.

Not to make this post all about me… Let’s start over. Um. How about that aging, ehh? Well, the calendar and historic records say tomorrow marks the first day of the last year of my thirties. PRACTICALLY THE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE. Which causes me great distress and angst. Little background… It was even […]

Fall, Halloween, Pumpkins… that kinda stuff

We are all up in the Fall up in here! I must confess… I have a certain affection for pumpkins. All round and orange and… Oh dear mercy I am so sorry you had to see that. What I was TRYING to say was that pumpkins are so cute… Especially when adorned with poms and […]

Her Favorite Thing: Working with my mom!

There will come a day when none of my kids will say my presence was a highlight of their experience. It’s true people. Unbelievable, but true. Take for example, when my son turns 16. I bet when he turns 16 and he is asked what the best part of his birthday was… he won’t say, […]

I recommend: Kindness and some other things worth looking over

I come across a lot of sweet things online… and thought-provoking things. I find things that make me think, things that make me mad, things that make me laugh… and things that make me cry. Things that inspire… things that move me to pray… things that move me to thankfulness and things that move me […]

When I held my son for the first time…

What went through my mind when I held my baby for the first time? “THANK. GOD! DEAR. MERCY! YOU DID THAT TO ME?!” And then… honestly, I experienced some confusion. Read my full story here on the ABC News/UN Foundation Million Moms Challenge site. ******** Get Jenny On the Spot’s newest posts in email or […]

Are you ready for flu season and/or halloween?

I know a number of you have seen this video already. This is one of my very first VLOGS. Like it isn’t totally obvi… it has “Baby Vlogger” written all over it. But I feel it is imperative to share now… as we enter flu season. I know the video is on the long side, […]

TEMPUR Pedic has chosen….

Real quick, eventhough I know most will just scroll to see who won, but still… THANK YOU and PROPS to ALL of the entrants. I bow to your effort and this was so hard personally… because even when I have to choose a winner from random number I get sad for all who didn’t have […]