“There’s no place like home…”

So. My kids are pretty awesome. Cute. Talented. Charming. Over the last number of years our family has found ourselves cozily tucked into a wonderful community called: CHILDREN’S THEATRE. In fact, when my middle daughter first entered the local children’s theatre group… I made a video. It’s terrible. It is one of my first vlogs […]


My little girl is in dream land… I remember those days. When I was a little girl… I had dreams too. Ice cream and roller skates. The twirliest of skirts and far-away lands. When puberty hit…

I Want to Walk on The Clouds!

I remember when I was a little girl. I DREAMED of being able to dance on the clouds. To prance and swoosh and spin in the light clouds. It never occurred to me that were I to step out of a plane onto a fat, white cloud… I would fall to a certain death. My […]

Now I am a Dream Interpreter?

I’ve been dreaming a lot lately. There was one recently about the dad of one of my kids’ classmates… *random*…who was the Incredible Hulk and he had to hold his breath so he could go invisible so as not to scare the children while decorating cookies. ? And I had to tell him (in the […]

I Had A Dream About an Albino Owl – Dissect That

…the dream, not an owl. I had a dream. Friday night. Like you needed to know when. I am actually thankful for the dream, I was having a hard time coming up with something to write about. I don’t dream often. Or if I do, I don’t remember them. I don’t remember much in general. […]