Writing and Not Publishing

I spent 1.5 hours on the plane yesterday writing about busy-ness. This morning, as I went to proof-read and add a photo or two and add links and make sure the Yoast SEO dot was on green… I just just couldn’t wrap it up. I have handful of posts that are still sitting in draft […]

Life As A Story… Your Story

You are writing the story of your only life every single minute of every single day – Katharine CenterĀ  How’s that for perspective? I read this quote quite some time ago. Though the exact words do not live in my mind verbatim, the sentiment is alive within my heart. I started this blog back in […]

I Need To Write

I started blogging in 2004. Which I think in dog blogging years that makes me a grandma. A Blogma? Aaaanywho… Prior to starting Jenny On the Spot I had not been much of what one would call a “writer”. However, I’ve loved the act and art of writing since I won my first writing contest […]