Irony: Thoughts on cutting one’s finger on a cookie box and subsequent exercise.

So. One night recently… I remembered (a special thanks goes out a particularly fierce tummy growl) I had gone to Trader Joe’s and bought a box of Jo Jo’s. FOR EATING. Unrelated, never go shopping hungry. *eyes go wild* Aaaanywho. The box sat in my pantry… unopened for 3 days. THREE. DAYS. WHO DOES THAT?!! […]

What to Wear Wednesday: Music

I know, I know… music is not WEARABLE, but go with me on this… O.K., maybe I’m stretching the “what to wear” theme, but it’s not like there’s blog police arrestin’ bloggers for loose interpretation of weekly themes. Plus, I am a rebel. So. Exercisers… or people who have been or want to strap on […]