When She is a Mom

I’ve been going through my videos lately. All part of my plan to take over the world. I’m serious. Aaanywho… in my looking-throughs… I came across a sweet one I had forgotten about. It is probably more sweet to me than you because it’s my kid… but if you think about it probably most little […]

Uninspired. So, a Ring and a New Favorite Site

It’s Wednesday. That means, “What to Wear Wednesday.” But frankly, I got nothin’. Well, I have a whole folder with links to cute stuff, yet… nothing. But this ring. It’s chunky. It’s different. I like her. And I think I could win a fight with this baby on. No need for brass knuckles, when Mama’s […]

What to Wear: Colored Tights. Definitely.

Everywhere I look.. colored tights, colored tights, colored tights… On the people in the magazinessess, hanging on display racks in the stores… but not necessarily on the legs of the ladays around town all too much. YET. But. They’re coming… to the legs of women in Smalltown America. They. Are. Coming. Mark my words. I […]