KickstartED! Success!

I am SO pleased. No, I didn’t lose 12 pounds. I lost 9. And gained a wardrobe. Because friends, I was at a crossroads… lose a few (or many) or buy a size up. I had tried for a few months to lose, say 5… with no success. In fact, I managed to put on […]

Have you heard about CoolSculpting? (GIVEAWAY!)

*This is a sponsored post* I first heard about CoolSculpting several months ago when a friend went under the… the… non-invasive applicator, if you will. Her results were impressive. I stood there admiring her impressive transformation and listened to her story of success. I also tried not to turn too green. With envy. You see, […]

A 6-Week Kick Start Challenge in The 2012!!!

Alrighty friends! I am joining Amanda and Stephanie, my 2 of my lovely co-iVoices in the Kick Start Your Weight Loss Challenge over on iVillage. I am getting my kick-start on! And feeling a wee-bit winded… Wanna commiserate and/or join me? It’s 6 short weeks…. We can do anything for 6 weeks! Alls ya gotta […]