The Monday Minute (or two): National Random Acts of Kindness Day is Wednesday!

Every week. Another Monday. We can trudge through it or be the boss of it and/or own the whole “random acts of kindness” thing through it! I am being the boss of this Monday by sleeping in because not only do the kids have the day off, but the husband too. In looking for what […]

Help me! I just bought a prize wheel!

You know when you get an idea in your head and it’s 2 a.m. and insomnia and your alarm goes off at 6 in the morning and you only finally fell asleep at 5:45… you realize you bought a prize wheel on Etsy. Probably at 3 a.m. Prize wheel from the amazing Eddie at Breezy […]

A DIY Vlog: How to Make a Ribbon Christmas Tree!

Here ya go, folks… it’s a DIY vlog! Are you ready? Make your own ribbon Christmas tree! A DIY ribbon Christmas tree, whaaaat?!!┬áJust in time to deck your halls so you can go ahead and make your own! Or in my case – to get severely burned by my glue gun.. One day I was […]

Trains, The Dump & Graffiti: A Date With My Husband in Seattle #video

My man and I went on a date recently. I took the opportunity to get a little dressed up. Read: HEELS You know how you get an idea in your head about how things should go? And then reality and your idea don’t really match up? That’s was the direction our date turned. I realized […]

The Swine Flu Mask Revisited: How To Make a FASHION Swine Flu Mask!

I am going RETRO-VLOG here at Jenny On the Spot today. I was talking to my dear friend Katherine recently and she mentioned my swine flu mask video, WHICH I HAD FORGOTTEN ABOUT. I thought, since I am distracted by city lights and blisters on my feet in NYC, I’d bring this old but goodie […]

TEMPUR Pedic has chosen….

Real quick, eventhough I know most will just scroll to see who won, but still… THANK YOU and PROPS to ALL of the entrants. I bow to your effort and this was so hard personally… because even when I have to choose a winner from random number I get sad for all who didn’t have […]

A How-to: How to receive a compliment!

It can be hard to take a compliment, no? Since I am so full of it… (what?)… I thought I’d tackle this subject. In video… So. When you get a compliment, how do YOU handle it? In other news… So long summer. You will be missed… Dearly missed. *sniff* ******** Get Jenny On the Spot’s […]

Back-to-School: What do moms do with all their “free” time? [vlog]

Now that all the spawn are in school – all day… I have been asked, “So whatcha gonna do with all that free time?” I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do… In fact, it seems I have had so much time… I have become a regular photographer and master of text-on-photo! Disclosure: My son’s favorite […]

A Vlog. Just because.

I saw this on Pinterest and I thought of you… I was missing you guys. It’s been so busy and emotional… I feel disconnected. Perhaps I am feeling a little want-of adult conversation. So I made a video. At night. Makes for riveting content. And conversation? My thought processeeeeeese don’t always make sense. But any […]

Vlogging: More Tips (A BlogHer Conference Video Blogging U Follow-up)

Last week at BlogHer I spoke on a panel with Carley of DigiTwirl and Corinne of Craftovision. I didn’t get a picture of us together (FAIL), but I DID get a picture of me with my microphone! And people. The room was PACKED! Word on the street is that many were turned away. Not unlike […]