Candy Corn Halloween Candy Dispenser Thingy: Easiest Craft EVER

Y’all… It’s a candy corn halloween candy dispenser thingy! This is the EASIEST CRAFY EVER! Yummm…. Candy corn… Halloweeen… Candy… crafty goodneses… You will need: • Mason jar • Poultry/chicken feeder thingy (am so good with technical farm terms) • CANDY CORN!!! You know what? How about I just show you how easy it is! […]

Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. (Yes, this is a Mother’s Day post, with VIDEO!)

I’m sorry. I don’t mean to help run this holiday into the ground with ANOTHER post about moms/mother’s day. But, here lies my contribution to the internet. My family helped me make a little video for Mother’s Day. There are no flowers. Nor jewelry. No pedicures. No fancy brunch. Nope. But it fits. With new […]

A DIY Vlog: How to Make a Ribbon Christmas Tree!

Here ya go, folks… it’s a DIY vlog! Are you ready? Make your own ribbon Christmas tree! A DIY ribbon Christmas tree, whaaaat?!! Just in time to deck your halls so you can go ahead and make your own! Or in my case – to get severely burned by my glue gun.. One day I was […]

I’m not saying one should lie about one’s age, but maybe I am.

I’m not saying one should lie about one’s age, but maybe I am. Yeah. I am. But I am not encouraging one to lie about one’s age in the way we have traditionally lied about our age. I am talking about those of us who are over the age of 21. Just to be clear. […]

The Swine Flu Mask Revisited: How To Make a FASHION Swine Flu Mask!

I am going RETRO-VLOG here at Jenny On the Spot today. I was talking to my dear friend Katherine recently and she mentioned my swine flu mask video, WHICH I HAD FORGOTTEN ABOUT. I thought, since I am distracted by city lights and blisters on my feet in NYC, I’d bring this old but goodie […]

TEMPUR Pedic has chosen….

Real quick, eventhough I know most will just scroll to see who won, but still… THANK YOU and PROPS to ALL of the entrants. I bow to your effort and this was so hard personally… because even when I have to choose a winner from random number I get sad for all who didn’t have […]

Announcing the Five TEMPUR Pedic Finalists!

I have been sick to my stomach the last 5 days… I could spend 1250 words explaining why this has been one of the very-most hardests things I’ve had to do. I have been moved. I have laughed and cried and wished I had left this to a random draw. However, I asked for a […]

Pixorial – Hope for Memories Past

I got a package in the mail last week. To most, it would seem like an empty-ish package. It was a packed with a few mailers tucked away inside. A package of packages, of sorts… The package was from Pixorial… a package for me to send “old-school” video to them so they can work their […]

Who's A Firework?

I started blogging in 2004. That almost makes me a “grandmother” in this family of blogging. A really YOUNG granny *ahemhem* However, I have wandered… Business? Pleasure? Hobby? Addiction? There are women (OK, me too, sheesh!) who have been blogging just a year or two, and I feel sheepish. The fruit of my nearly 7 […]

The Junk Drawer Haul

I have noticed that “the haul” is quite popular over there on the YouTube. And me, never being one to pass-up a chance to make a fool of myself also be popular, I have made a haul video of my own. The only diff’ between me and those other girls is I could be their […]