Why Unstructured Time Matters for Tweens

Why DOES unstructured time matters for tweens? Can’t view the video? Watch HERE! *This is post was created in partnership with Ask. Listen. Learn. All opinion is my own. There is a school of thought that says a busy kid is a kid that stays out of trouble. While I do agree with that, I […]

The Argument In Support Of Keeping Teens Busy. Very Busy.

I have mentioned somewhere before that I used to be critical of parents who keep their teens and kids busy. You know how the judgement goes, “KIDS ARE TOO BUSY THESE DAYS!” And then the dentures come loose and a cane goes flying… I think that might have been a legit argument in earlier decades […]

Make-up or NO Make-up and at What Age?

“Mom? When can I wear make-up?” asked my 11 year-old daughter as we drove about. I was surprised at how unsure I was. I was surprised that I was thinking 7th grade would be OK… because I was in 9th when I was allowed to. Then I started thinking maybe 9th grade, but I remember […]