In Which I Tap Into My Inner Voice: Feeding the Family

Here’s the deal… healthy food is not always the yummiest food. Case-in-point? There was that one time in my mothering career where I tried adding wheat germ to anything that seemed to “receive” wheat germ well. Cleverly *ahem* I added it to oatmeal and sprinkled it about like I was some kind-of wheat germ fairy. […]

Lettuce Wraps: I had you at “lettuce”…

Actually, I am fairly certain I did not have you at “lettuce”, but “Lettuce Wraps” as a title leaves me wanting, so I threw that extra part in there. You’re welcome. But I did make Lettuce Wraps for dinner. TURKEY Lettuce Wraps. That’s right…. TURKEY. *bom chicka wow WOW* I came across a recipe for […]

Free Association: I Have A Fever

And I am afraid no cowbell will cure it. A good night’s sleep might help. And a clear calendar. “Wrap” and “warp”… 2 VERY different words. But share ALL the same letters. I have never been so exhausted in all my life. I probably have, but you know how it goes… #drama Lucy (5) said […]