Over a Dozen Things To Do on Vacation in LA!

We received a Chevy Tahoe to drive for a week (Spring Break!). I have not been paid. All opinion is my own. Over a Dozen Things To Do on Vacation With Your Family in LA! We went to Southern California just a couple of weeks ago for our Spring Break. It was quite the adventure! […]

You Like Handy-Dandy? Meet My Friend… The Lay-n-Go!

Do you? Do you like handy-dandy things? Things that make life easier? Then meet my friend, the Lay-n-Go: A few (or 10) months ago I received one of a Lay-n-Go Cosmo┬ábag… for my make-up. And a Lay-n-Go Lite that my daughter uses for her Polly Pockets, or whatever treasures she decides to stash in hers. […]

The 22 Day Road Trip: The SO Excited BEFORE & Reeeeally Tired AFTER

This was our first family picture… about 5 miles into our 4,500 mile journey to the center of the earth: We are all pretty excited in this picture, here. Lucy especially. You can’t tell the other two are excited because I drive them nuts with my picture taking. I tell them in 20 years they […]

The Minions are coming, the Minions are coming!

Once upon a time (May 2011) there was a family that went to a land far, far away. Well, far away to them. Seattle to FLA = far. And sunny. Heaven bless my fair-skinned, blue-eyed (OK, one has green eyes) Northwest vampires babes. The sunshine throws their cloud-covered eyes into a tailspin. Speaking of tailspin… […]

Tips for Airline Travel with Children {Guest Post by Michelle of Falafel and the Bee!}

My Michelle. She is a most wonderful woman. Creative. Funny. Highly allergic. I met Michelle probably close to two hands worth of fingers ago. She has become a very dear friend. Out youngests have forged a very sweet relationship. Our youngests… during one of their first playdates. I remember this day like it was yesterday… […]