Our Tooth Fairy must have dementia… or a black heart.

She failed BIG back in Feb ’09. After 5 days of waiting, Olivia decided to leave a note: Fast forward to oh… say… A MONTH AGO… When Olivia swallowed a tooth. And the Tooth Fairy failed to come. And then 2 weeks later (when we were in Orlando) another tooth fell out… and she dropped […]

Dear Tooth Fairy: I Have Been Waiting a Very Long Time

I am thinking I may have enough material to make this a regular feature. *sigh*  Dear Tooth Fairy, I have been waiting a very long time. Here’s the skinny. My 6 year old daughter, Olivia lost a tooth last Saturday. As of last night (Thursday), the Tooth Fairy still hadn’t paid up. I explained her […]

The Tooth Fairy Should Have Her Wings Pinched Off

The Tooth Fairy finally came last night. She He left Olivia 3 crisp ones. After 3 no-shows, he/she had some serious make-up work to do. The Tooth Fairy should have her wings pinched off. After the first time the Tooth Fairy didn’t show, I told Olivia it was probably a busy night for her. Sometimes lots […]