Late night listing-makings, 4 a.m., and the power of purple velvet shades.

So… I could tell ya all about how tired I am. I could add the part about how I feel misunderstood. Judged. How I don’t know how to describe… Bah. I am just finding I am in a strange, exciting and somewhat misunderstood work-life space. Or maybe it’s just me projecting. *YAWN* So instead of […]

The Confessional: May I Be Honest?

I’m a wreck. Am. Is. Am. I need to set 2 alarms for each upcoming “thing” because I WILL forget within a span of 15 minutes. Oh golly. I HATE to bring the Whine. But. Not to be confused with butt. I’m tired. I am busy. I am weary. Weary. I am busy because I […]

Make We Laugh Monday: Stress is Funny, Right?

The insanity. The STRESS. I don’t even know where to begin. And really, what’s so special about MY insanity? Nothing. I know you all are feeling it too. The holidays. Life. More life. The economy. CHRISTMAS CARDS!!! *crap* 2 months ago I felt I had hit “critical mass”… yet here I sit… more critical mass-y […]