11 Tips for Mom to Prepare for Back to School!

It’s almost time for BACK TO SCHOOL. Therefore: 11 Tips for Mom to Prepare for Back to School! Actually, some children in this country have been back to school for awhile now. WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT? Aaaanywho… I figure it might be sweet of me to share some helpful tips on preparing for back […]

Vlogging: More Tips (A BlogHer Conference Video Blogging U Follow-up)

Last week at BlogHer I spoke on a panel with Carley of DigiTwirl and Corinne of Craftovision. I didn’t get a picture of us together (FAIL), but I DID get a picture of me with my microphone! And people. The room was PACKED! Word on the street is that many were turned away. Not unlike […]

What do you mean by SUBSCRIBE? Do you have a magazine?

If you are a blogger, or if you know what RSS or “embed” means, then this post is not for you. This post is for the friends and acquaintances when after I say words like “subscribe” or “URL”  they look at me like I’m talking from my second head. Since I only have one head, […]

Household Challenge: Managing Time

EEK. Time management? To loosely apply something that Mr. Furious from Mystery Men said, when opening-up a topic such as time management it can be a “…Pantera’s box you do not wanna open.” But you know what, we don’t really have a choice, now do we? Who reading here right now has enough time? *crickets […]

How To Be An Internet Movie Phenom… WithOUT Taking Your Clothes Off

I’m not saying that I’m an internet movie phenom. [photo credit: Maya of Memtales] Have you seen my practically VIRAL Swine Flu Mask video? How about my own dance video? Or how about my in-depth look at sandwich crusts? Tell me those are not of the internet movie phenomeniscuoiusness. I’m kidding. My friend Giyen, ya […]