A How-To… Take It On Tuesday: Deep Fried Twinkies, Oreos, bananas, and…

YOU. GUYS. It’s Take It On Tuesday and DEEP FRIED TWINKIES ARE IN THE HOUSE!!! Deep fried Twinkies. And Oreos. And a mini Crunch bar. And banana chunks. And a pickle. So… this is not something to do OFTEN, but I would go so far as to say if you have never deep fried a […]

A DIY Take It On Tuesday: Embroidery Hoop Art!

It’s TAKE IT ON TUESDAY! Let’s do some embroidery hoop art!!! This week I take on something I discovered via Pinterest many moons ago  – EMBROIDERY HOOP ART! This project is cute because it is easy and charming. All you need is fabric (or something to put IN the embroidery hoop), embroidery hoops (or quilt […]

Take It On Tuesday: In Which KEVIN Takes OVER.

It’s time for Take It On Tuesday, folks!!! But my tutorial on making embroidery hoop art (what?!) went sideways because of Kevin. OUR DOG. He has stolen the show before. Like that one time when he pulled Lucy’s tooth. Or the time he attacked me while cleaning my junk drawer. Or that one time he […]