Simple Doily Valentine Garland (Video!)

Hey guys! Let’s make a garland! Let’s make a… Simple Heart Doily Valentine Garland! This here is Valentine garland made of big heart doilies and twine! When did simplicity become so charming??? All you need are some doilies (I got my pack of 12 for $1.88 plus tax). I already had the twine at home… OK. […]

Take It On Tuesday: Of Headstands and Headstands

It’s been awhile since the last Take It On Tuesday… I know. So how about headstands and headstands?! But seriously, I have no excuse except for the excuse of all excuses: LIFE. Funny. I think the last Take It On Tuesday was the one about me starting to homeschool. Oh it’s all starting to make […]

Take It On Tuesday – Homeschooling and an interview with le student!

Though I made the formal announcement yesterday, I felt it appropriate to also make a video about this new adventure… taking on homeschooling. But I don’t give tips. Or advice. Nope. I do ask for prayer though… And we are off. We are still in a bit of a holding pattern as I wait for […]

Take It On Tuesday – In which I take on early morning to watch the sun rise over the Atlantic

In case you missed it… I went to Miami. Yep. I even got sunburned. Yup. On my last morning there, since I didn’t have a day of responsibilities, I thought it’d be awesome to rise and shine before the sun did and take on catching the sunrise on the Atlantic Ocean… from South Beach. So […]

Take It On Tuesday! Surviving the Wild (or my own backyard) Part 2

It’s time! Time for Part TWO of my Take It On Tuesday! Surviving the Wild (or my own backyard)! I did make it back home. OBVIOUSLY. I could have written/uploaded to YouTube had I died/been kidnapped by honey badgers (or bunnies) in my own back 40. You want to know something funny? It’s more funny […]

Take It On Tuesday: The Kids Got Their Flu Shots

I know, I know. The topic of immunizations can be a pretty touchy subject. I am not here to evangelize the flu shot cause. Nope. Do whatcha gotta do, families. Rather, I am here, along with my children, ¬†for those who decide shots are the right choice for them… to give hope to the fearful. […]

Take It On Tuesday: The Kitchen Has Been Painted a Beautiful Shade of BLUE!!!

It is Take It On Tuesday and the kitchen has been painted a beautiful shade of blue! I call it “On the SPot Blue.” I wonder why… It took the better part of the weekend. And we had an unfortunate hiccup with the color (the tinted primer was a shade of blue I loved, but […]

Take It On Tuesday: It’s Time… to PAINT THE KITCHEN, PEOPLE!

It is time for me to PAINT THE KITCHEN, PEOPLE! I have put it off long enough. The color has been chosen. (that blue – charming, yes?) The primer has been tinted. The windows have been FrogTaped. FOR NEARLY 3 MONTHS. (Thanks dad!) Next time you see this kitchen… she will be a lovely shade […]

Take It On Tuesday: In which I take-on the quad. AKA… FOUR WHEELING(ish)!

You read that right… I took on our quad! I went FOUR WHEELING (ish) in our own backyard for Take It On Tuesday! We have had the quad for over a year. My dad passed it on to us when they moved. The kids and the husband have all made their rounds on it. But […]

Take It On Tuesday: How To Make Glitter-Filled Starbucks Cold Cup!

It is Take It On Tuesday and I am taking on how to make a glitter filled insulated cold cup! More specifically, the… Starbucks Cold Cup I AM A FLIPPING GLITTER NINJA, PEOPLE!!! I followed this how-to that I found on Pinterest. But I had to make a video. Because that’s what I do. Glitter […]