Making Summer Fun: For Both Mom and Kids

So here’s the thing about Summer… It’s awesome and it’s awful all at once. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but maybe I’m not. Making Summer Fun (ner) I love summer because the chaotic schedule loosens up. I love summer because it is warmer than January. I love summer because it means there is more time available during […]

From Winter Parkas to Spring and Summer Dresses: Is Your Skin Ready?

It’s almost time to head to the basement or attic… NOOOO… not to HIDE, but to pull out that box of spring and summer clothes!   Are you ready to bare your arms? Your legs? Your shoulders?? My skin was summer-ready back in February thanks to Jergens Natural Glow. I had a job that took […]

A Photo Story. Ish. A.K.A. I don’t know what else to do with all these pictures!

I don’t know about you, but… ever since the invention of the CAMERA PHONE…. I do haz a lotz of picturez. And then there’s Instagram, which makes you feel like there is even MORE of a reason to take pictures of things like… YOUR FOOD, etc and whathaveyou. I was going to do a little […]

T-Mobile: Child Safety During the Summer and T-Mobile SpringBoard Giveaway

Giveaway update! We have a winner! The winning commenter is… CONNIE! Congrats to Connie for her winning tweet! And thanks to all who entered! The contest is now closed. If summer break hasn’t started for you yet… it will soon! Parents everywhere are making plans… how to make 3 months of lazy summer days, a […]

A How-to: How to receive a compliment!

It can be hard to take a compliment, no? Since I am so full of it… (what?)… I thought I’d tackle this subject. In video… So. When you get a compliment, how do YOU handle it? In other news… So long summer. You will be missed… Dearly missed. *sniff* ******** Get Jenny On the Spot’s […]

Dear Summer, Welcome! We’ve been waiting for you!

Hi there Summer. It’s been awhile. We were starting to feel like you had forgotten us. (Can you spot the Space Needle?) We’ve missed your warmth… We’ve missed our walks to get ice cream cones… We’ve missed you, Summer. Won’t you stay for awhile? Pretty please? ******** Get Jenny On the Spot’s newest posts in […]

Wordless Wednesday: Last Sign of Summer

It’s the first day of school here. Today, the pictures will be of children with backpacks and bright yellow buses. So long, summer… My friend, you will be missed… ******** Keep up on the ridiculous, the insightful, the always digressive… Get Jenny On The Spot by RSS or EMAIL or newsletter! Follow JOTS on Twitter, […]