Yet Another Unboxing: Rocksbox Premium Jewelry Subscription Box

Some people say they were born in the wrong decade… Some think they are a 50’s sock-hopper at heart. Or a hippie. Or a flapper. I kind-of think I was born smack-dab at the right time: electricity, heated seats, automatic doors on minivans, and a Bubba Gump-esque-level of subscription services… but instead of shrimp gumbo […]

My Latest Stitch Fix Unboxing: In Which I Fall For A Little Black Dress

I’m sorry for another unboxing video… unless you like unboxing videos. In my defense, I received the Popsugar one MONTHS ago and was just late editing the unboxing video so really, these happened months apart in my real life. Internet life is so deceiving! But to be perfectly honest, I love these things. The surprise. […]

Popsugar Box: My #musthavebox Unboxing

So. Before I begin, I should tell you that I got this box in SEPTEMBER. It’s just been a little crazy, OK? And it’s not like anyone’s been emailing me threats… “GIMME YOUR SEPTEMBER POPSUGAR UNBOXING VIDEO OR ELSE”. I have an October box to unbox as well. Maybe I’ll share that in March. If […]