Back in the early 80’s… when everything was closed on Thanksgiving.

All kinds of people are having all kinds of opinions about deal shopping on Thanksgiving. One day as I was reading all the opinion I said to myself, “Self. What’s your opinion?” As soon as I engaged me on the topic I had a flashback to a Thanksgiving memory of years past. You know… Back […]

Back to School Shopping With My Girls at Westfield Southcenter Mall

My girls and I had the BEST time shopping at Westfield Southcenter Mall in Seattle last week! Though we have done back-to-school shopping in years past, my girls have gone to a public school with uniforms. This meant our shopping was limited to shoe creativity and only stores that offered uniform clothes. But not anymore! […]

Flicka, a Charming New Women’s Boutique Opens in Poulsbo!

There’s a charming new women’s boutique that just opened in Poulsbo… Flicka. It’s not pronounced FliHcka, but Fleeeeekah. It means “girl” in Swedish. If you are familiar with Poulsbo, you will understand why this name is a perfect fit. And if you know the family that opened this store, then it makes even more sense. […]

And Then It Happens: Shopping Without Kids

When my third child was born, the other two were 2 and 5… close to 6, BUT STILL 5. I remember the first time I took them al to the store (Target)… BY MYSELF. I remember feeling so capable and competent as I carried my newborn in her carseat in the cradle of my arm… […]

Macy’s + Seattle + Santaland + Blogger Ladies = YAY FUN!

IT’S HAMMER SANTA TIME!!! On Friday, the kids and I hopped the ferry and headed to the Emerald City — SEATTLE to visit Macy’s Santaland… My 2 older kiddos would not engage Old Man Christmas. However, Lucy… She nearly crawled out of her skin waiting to get her time with him! Oh! Who’s that? That’s […]

Shopping Smart, Holiday Shopping Challenge, and a $250 GIVEAWAY

“In this economy” are all-too-familiar words these days. No doubt that “in this economy” each of us have discovered ways to deal with a tighter budget and the fact that Christmas comes at the same time every year… How do you manage your holiday purchases? Do you have a strategy that has helped you manage […]