4 Women + 5 Days in NYC = HOW MANY PAIRS OF SHOES???

Oh, about 25. Give or take. Our feet will never be the same. MAD LOVE to my wonderful BlogHer 12 roomies – Amy of Mom Spark, Haley of Love, Life, Family and Then Some, and Tamara of MomRN! ******** Never miss a thing! Get JOTS latest adventures via email or in your blog reader. Are you […]

In Which I Need Solid Shoe Advice (Vlog)

This picture has nothing to do with this post. I was alone in my hotel room and I decided to play peek-a-boo with my camera. My camera and me… always playing games. But not Scrabble. Cami is not good at spelling. Nor Chutes and Ladders. Aaaaaaaaanywho… I was dumb. I bought a pair of very […]

Her two left feet… I mean SHOES.

Literally. Ish. Actually… Two left SHOES. Before I became a mom I assumed I’d hit lows. I just had no idea that a day would come where my husband would call up the stairs and say, Hey Jenny? These shoes you want Lucy to wear… they’re both left feet. In which case I find myself […]

Missoni at Target (alternately titled: What Hole Have I Been Living Under?)

Missoni at Target. I’m talkin’ about Missoni and Target dresses, even a Target patio set… but Missoni. Missoni shoes… kid shoes, ladies shoes, accessories, bags and purses. Missoni, Missoni, Missoni. Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! And I was all, “Miss-who?” I guess it was kinda a big deal. Missoni launch crashes Target Web site, spreads mayhem (source […]

I am in a relationship…

I am in a relationship with…. eBay. And I just DARE you (DARE, DARE, DARE, NEENER, NEENER) to not go here and read about how I am doing stuff like purging so I can fill my Christmas cash envelope and whathaveyou. But I am not purging these shoes…No way. ******** Get Jenny On the Spot’s newest […]

When She is a Mom

I’ve been going through my videos lately. All part of my plan to take over the world. I’m serious. Aaanywho… in my looking-throughs… I came across a sweet one I had forgotten about. It is probably more sweet to me than you because it’s my kid… but if you think about it probably most little […]

What to Wear Wednesday: Fabulous Shoes

Wait. It’s Thursday. Oh well. It’s Wednesday somewhere. Or it will be. Next week. SHOES. To be specific… FABULOUS SHOES. I met a woman recently… who happened to be wearing a most fabulous pair of shoes. This woman told me her shoe philosophy, Start with the shoes and work your way up. I love her. […]

We Didn't Make Peanut Butter Balls This Year.

Among other things. But we did go bowling with my parents… which is something we try to do every time we see them. And since we only see them once or twice a year… I suck at bowling. Like… I scored an 80. My 5 year old broke 100. So not fair. She plays as […]

What to Wear Wednesday!

Let’s talk capelets. You read that right – CAPELETS. Now. I don’t own one, but I think the trend is suggesting a growing capelet population, and I think they are rather charming, in an armless-ish sort of way… Which brings me to a question… what exactly IS a capelet? It depends on Google, and what […]