There we were… eating our dinner of bbq’d pork chops, grilled asparagus and red peppers, and noodles. Fried in butter. Topped with parmesan. Yes. We were engaging in our usual banter, “Your Mom…” “YOUR MOM…” Which is especially funny when I say, “YOUR MOM!” to the kids. That joke just never gets old. Annywho. Out […]

BEING busy is different than GETTIN’ busy: An iCal invite

My amends in advance. I realize the following post might be a bit racier in content than my usual talk of peonies, or dog vomit, or coffee… But folks. If I can’t talk about married sex up here on mah blawg, then… To be clear… This post is about sex. In case it was unclear […]

Thoughts… (of friends & my own) about the Married Sex on iVillage

iVoices sent a list of topics we would be covering over the next few months. I perused the list. My eyes saw “Married Sex”. I giggled. I thought who’s the fool who they gave THAT one. I scrolled to the next line… *blink blink blink* I have some great friends, who share some great thoughts… […]