Take It On Tuesday: The Seattle Gum Wall

Yep. The family and I went to the Gum Wall in Seattle. My parents are in town and we had never taken them there. Heck, we have only been there once before! So we hiked on over to Pike Place Market from the ferry and visited the Gum Wall. When we were there about a […]

Trains, The Dump & Graffiti: A Date With My Husband in Seattle #video

My man and I went on a date recently. I took the opportunity to get a little dressed up. Read: HEELS You know how you get an idea in your head about how things should go? And then reality and your idea don’t really match up? That’s was the direction our date turned. I realized […]

Photo Bombed by Santa! Or… Santa at the Space Needle

We live in the greater Seattle area. This means, we either have to take a bridge or a ferry in order to get to the fair Emerald City. Which means, we don’t get to the city a whole lot. At least not as a family. But this time of year is our favorite “city” time […]

Macy’s + Seattle + Santaland + Blogger Ladies = YAY FUN!

IT’S HAMMER SANTA TIME!!! On Friday, the kids and I hopped the ferry and headed to the Emerald City — SEATTLE to visit Macy’s Santaland… My 2 older kiddos would not engage Old Man Christmas. However, Lucy… She nearly crawled out of her skin waiting to get her time with him! Oh! Who’s that? That’s […]

Seen in the city… of Seattle!

My husband and I don’t get to “the city” all too often. But we did on Saturday! SHAZAM! OUR band (using “our” loosely in that I occasionally sing one song and shake the tambourine when I can)¬†was playing at a club for a private birthday bash… SO. Whilstest we were in le city, I got […]

How To Be An Internet Movie Phenom… WithOUT Taking Your Clothes Off

I’m not saying that I’m an internet movie phenom. [photo credit: Maya of Memtales] Have you seen my practically VIRAL Swine Flu Mask video? How about my own dance video? Or how about my in-depth look at sandwich crusts? Tell me those are not of the internet movie phenomeniscuoiusness. I’m kidding. My friend Giyen, ya […]

In Which I Ask Myself, "The Heck?!"

I’m sure you know exactly what I am talking about. One day you are in New York. Just enjoying the sights on Broadway… at 7 in the morning, in a tutu… Ya know… just a simple girl doing simple, normal, everyday things… See? Normal. Totes. And before you know it, daytime turns to darktime. Strange, […]