School Drop Off: A Rant. Or PSA. Or Both. Or Just a Rant.

Buy your PULL FORWARD sweat shirt here. And PULL FORWARD t-shirt here! This could technically be called a PSA on proper school drop off procedure, but then again… it feels a lot like a rant. Probably because I was ranting. I have ranted on this topic before. But I have never emoted as much about this […]

8 Back To School Organization Tips – For MOM (i.e. Her SANITY)

Back To School. Three words. Three words that involve A LOT. A lot of time. A lot of money. A lot of planning. 8 10 Back To School Organization Tips – For MOM So Back to School organization TIPS are in order, friends. *Though this post is not a sponsored post, it is inspired by […]

Bing in the Classroom: Ad Free Search!

Oh Internet. The beauty of the internet is we can find just about anything at any time. The not-so-beautiful side of the internet is very not-so-beautiful. Hitherhencetofore, setting my children free to search on the world wide web without a filter is not something my husband and I allow. But what about when they are […]

The Rock of FAIL [video]

SO. There’s this rock at my kids’ school. This is not the rock. But it’s a rock, so… The rock at school is the PERFECT size for climbing, sliding… and also the PERFECT size for getting in trouble. You see… this climbing rock/slide rock is placed teasingly in the welcome/front/pick-up area of the school. And […]

Motherhood, Transitions & The Art of Being Busy

They are all really one in the same. One AND the same? How does the saying go? In the last week (give or take a week) I have experienced some pretty big schtuff. I did not sign with a record label. I did not land a contract as a television talk show host. Nor did […]

Overheard: Surviving the Substitute

There is a certain substitute at my kids’ school that… shall we say… has not found favor in the eyes of my children. {photo cred} On the way home from school today the oldest (11) said, “I don’t think I’ll survive if I have Ms. So-and-So again.” His 8 year old sister offered him comfort, […]

The First Day of School

Add this post to the millions being posted out there on the blogosphere this month. And this picture… The first day of school. Mercy on a mother’s soul.