The Confessional: I have a scarf problem. SCARVES.

I have this friend. Her name is Amy. Amy has a problem… a problem with birds. Her video [here… watch her video confession here] inspired me. I was inspired because I have a confession too. My name is Jenny and I have a problem… I have a problem with scarves. ******** Never miss a thing! […]

Light Up Lip Gloss and a REALLY. Big. Scarf. (VLOG!)

2 things. Light up lip gloss and… BIG SCARF. BOOM. ******** Never miss a thing! Get JOTS latest adventures via¬†email or in your blog reader.

Missoni at Target (alternately titled: What Hole Have I Been Living Under?)

Missoni at Target. I’m talkin’ about Missoni and Target dresses, even a Target patio set… but Missoni. Missoni shoes… kid shoes, ladies shoes, accessories, bags and purses. Missoni, Missoni, Missoni. Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! And I was all, “Miss-who?” I guess it was kinda a big deal. Missoni launch crashes Target Web site, spreads mayhem (source […]

A List. Because I do lists late at night and it's late at night.

I’ve been working on a post. Trying to recap feedback I got on the survey I did WEEKS ago. It’s taking too long so I decided to stop and make a list. I am ex-to-the-hausted and making a list helps alleviate the stress. But before the list, a picture… Because there always needs to be […]