Photo Bombed by Santa! Or… Santa at the Space Needle

We live in the greater Seattle area. This means, we either have to take a bridge or a ferry in order to get to the fair Emerald City. Which means, we don’t get to the city a whole lot. At least not as a family. But this time of year is our favorite “city” time […]

Macy’s + Seattle + Santaland + Blogger Ladies = YAY FUN!

IT’S HAMMER SANTA TIME!!! On Friday, the kids and I hopped the ferry and headed to the Emerald City — SEATTLE to visit Macy’s Santaland… My 2 older kiddos would not engage Old Man Christmas. However, Lucy… She nearly crawled out of her skin waiting to get her time with him! Oh! Who’s that? That’s […]

"It was fun believing."

My 11 year-old son doesn’t believe in Santa anymore. He figured it out about a year ago two years ago… more, probably. I don’t really want to know… *maternal weeping* The same with the Tooth Fairy… Now when he looses a tooth he hands it over and says, “You owe me.” We laaaaaaaauuuuuuugh….. Recently Joel […]

Santa Baby

I made a video of me singing Santa Baby last year. Santa Baby is one of my favorite Christmas songs. But the song wasn’t perfect. So I made it perfect. For me. Not that my singing is perfect, just the lyrics are more along the lines of things I am interested in. And also these […]