I Ran the Seattle Rock and Roll Half-Marathon and I Lived to Tell!

I may lose 2 toe nails, but I did it. This was the view at the start line… Here’s Seattle’s Big Wheel… And here’s that medal… I’m not going to share the picture of my toe here. But if curiosity gets the best of you, then you can check it out on Instagram… and always […]

Do a Half-Marathon? It’s not too late to turn back, but…

Do another half-marathon? Why not?! Actually, I could give you about 1,000 reasons why not. But the monies have been spent, and truth-be-told… I am a glutton for punishment. I am also a glutton for other things, particularly food things… so putting a good, healthy goal on the calendar is probably a good idea. But […]

I Am Going to Run 400 Miles This Year.

I am. I am going to run 400 miles this year.  400 to “celebrate” the onset of my 4th decade of life, shall we say… Unless…. I break my legs. I digress. Speaking of digressing, HAVE YOU SEEN MY NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL? Well, my channel isn’t new, but the design is. I am tickled to […]

MapMyFitness Challenge and a Tom Tom GO LIVE! #ToyotaRAV4Adventure

Originally, I was recently encouraged by the Toyota RAV4 Adventure Club contest to try a new local route. But I am not at home. Hitherhencetofore, locally venture I cannot. HOWEVER. By the power of greyskull the MapMyFitness, I can adventure ANYWHERE I ROAM. I am on an an exceptionally long road trip and it’s been hard to adventure anywhere […]

Running: My Musical Strategy

One of the biggest motivations for me to get out and running is music. Running (a.k.a. JOGGING) gives me the opportunity to play music I love AS LOUD AS I WANT. It’s all about me. Not unlike this blog. Aaaaaaanwho… Lately, I have taken to running a shy 3 miles near my home. PROBLEM IS… […]

The Butt Series: “Old Man Kitsap” says…

I went for a little run around the “neighborhood”. Since most of you are not familiar with my neighborhood… let me familiarize you with it. We live on a hill. What goes down…. must come up. It’s practically ALL UPHILL. Also, we live outside the city limits – amongst the bunnies, raccoons, blackberry bushes, coyotes […]

Swim 2.5 miles across a lake with little to no training and NOT die? DONE.

That’s me there on the far left. I’m happy because I am not at the bottom of the lake. The rest of those peeps are my team. 4 swimmers and a kayaker. The woman next to me is my friend Chris, and she is to blame. The kayaker (on right) was there to basically taunt […]

A vlogging SUMMARY, if you will… Vlogging is like swimming?

So. The hardest thing about vlogging? TIME. Wait. FINDING time. It takes more effort than cuddling up with one’s laptop and working through a bout of writer’s block. I think vlogging is a lot like swimming. Why? A runner needs shoes and will to get the job done, but a swimmer… A swimmer needs a […]

The Ragnar Relay – 2 days left

Many months ago I committed to run a race. With 11 other people… the Ragnar Relay. Our team name: The Velociraptors. 6 days ago I sprained my ankle pretty good… I have never fallen like that. And I have fallen a lot. The next 2 days I will slowly pull together my gear… so I […]

The Ragnar Relay – A.K.A. Jenny Needs A Head Check #somuch

So. In like, TWENTY-TWO DAYS… I have reason to believe I will be embarking on one of my most difficult physical & emotional challenges to date (with the exception of childbirth and child-rearing, clearly)… And I have completed a full marathon. Enter: The Ragnar Relay What is this, you ask? It is a 189 mile, […]