I’m With the Band. Ish.

I’m WITH the band… not PART OF the band. I’m married to one of the guys in the band, so… Go Garage Heroes Go! Does that make me a roadie or a groupie. I find it is very gray line. Roadie? Groupie? I think I’d rather be a roadie. The guys were invited to play […]

Puppies, martinis with bunny ears, the Hard Rock Cafe, and my campers return

It hasn’t even been a week since I returned from Chicago and the BlogHer conference. I still haven’t finished the post I started writing about leaning in with¬†with Sheryl Sandberg. Nor the post I have started about all the friends I saw while in Chicago. Instead, I’ve been trying to keep this girl entertained while […]

The Day the Music Died. OR… The Day I Killed the Tambourine WITH MY BARE HANDS.

Alternatively titled: Just call me Jenny Hendrix. This is the tambourine before me: ¬†Photo by Amy Van Cleave This is Tambourina AFTER: You know what? THIS CALLS FOR A VLOG: A special thanks to Garage Heroes for letting me toss my cookies… and my apologies for stealing the show. I kid. I never apologize for […]

Ain’t no party like a rock-out for baby bottoms party!

Once a upon a time there was a husband. He was a husband who loved music and his guitar. A husband who was very talented in his guitar-ness and sang like someone who was really awesome at singing. That husband was also a father who needed to work and earn a real living rather than […]