Late night listing-makings, 4 a.m., and the power of purple velvet shades.

So… I could tell ya all about how tired I am. I could add the part about how I feel misunderstood. Judged. How I don’t know how to describe… Bah. I am just finding I am in a strange, exciting and somewhat misunderstood work-life space. Or maybe it’s just me projecting. *YAWN* So instead of […]

It’s been a little crazy around here.

From rehearsals (see above), to shows, to an extra-heavy workload (go figure and really I shouldn’t complain…), to field trips, to guilt for not volunteering at school regularly, to piles of laundry (clean and unclean) to errands and constantly packing and re-packing food/costumes for rehearsals/plays, did I mention workload?, and Lucy’s birthday, and the huz’s […]