Silly Puppy Gus is silly.

This is just a little post about our puppy, Gus. I think I’ve told you about him before. He’s 8 months old. He’s part shih tzu, chihuahua, poodle… and schnauzer (?) or some-sort-of-mouthful. We recently got him some pet insurance from somewhere like in case of injury, although he seems to be pretty healthy […]

Life. It’s about ALL the things.

When a person writes about their life, a person sometimes feels one must share the writable moments. The impressive or dramatic… the fabulous or terrific. Apparently… the origin (Latin) of the word terrific actually means… terrificus  frightening, equivalent to terr ( ēre ) to frighten. Source.  CrazyZHAY… right? There are other crazy-commonly used words that apparently we are using WAY wrong. Check out this post I stumbled upon […]

Puppies, the Art of Toilet Papering, Self-Talk, and Selling One’s Home.

But not in that particular order… At first I was going to break the cardinal rule of blogging and be all, “I have nothing to write about!” And then I was all, “LIES! You have plenty to write about!” And then I was all, “Yeah! It’s just there’s TOO MUCH. It’s like you have a […]