DIY: How To Paint A Pumpkin

Wondering about how to paint a pumpkin? WONDER NO MORE! Painting a pumpkin is as easy as… well… PAINTING A PUMPKIN, yo! DIY: How to Paint a Pumpkin An aside: I shot video of this. But my camera decided to cop a ‘tude and all my footage is useless. ABSOLUTELY USELESS. However… this is still […]

Pumpkins and Pumpkin Carving and Suchwise

This is just a huge post of pictures. And also commentary. Because I WILL NOT BE SILENCED These are pictures of that one Sunday in October we went to a local pumpkin farm and corn maze and it was warm and sunny and my kids are growing up so it’s not so easy to get […]


Fall is my favorite. I repeat, FALL IS MY FAVORITE. I remember riding in car with my Great Grandma Sue when I was a little girl. In her blue, 57 Chevy Nova. With a mini-box of Kleenex in the windshield. In the Fall, she would always the trees. She loved the colors… There isn’t a […]

Polka Dot Pumpkins Are the New Black: Polka Dot Pumpkin Tutorial

Have you ever thought, “I think pumpkins would be cuter with polka dots painted on them.” ME. TOO!!! Polka dot pumpkins for Halloween?!!! Is there awesome in that?… THE YES! I am not going to say this project isn’t messy. And I am not going to say I didn’t have to break out the q-tips […]

Fall, Halloween, Pumpkins… that kinda stuff

We are all up in the Fall up in here! I must confess… I have a certain affection for pumpkins. All round and orange and… Oh dear mercy I am so sorry you had to see that. What I was TRYING to say was that pumpkins are so cute… Especially when adorned with poms and […]