Breakfast, Protein and Banana Sushi, WHAT?!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so how about… Banana Sushi and a COLD glass of milk! Last week we got to see how orange juice stacks up against milk when it comes to protein… Also, a BIG thanks to Milk for sponsoring this story and introducing me to one of my […]

Milk vs. Orange Juice: Another Win for the Protein Fight Club!

Welcome back! We are entering into the ring for week 3 of Protein Fight Club on JOTS! Am I taking this ‘fight club’ thing too far? NEVER. What IS Protein Fight Club, you ask? Well, it’s where people like me (a Milk Mustache Ambassador) share with you the match-ups between a protein-filled glass of milk and […]

Protein Fight Club: Free Milk By the Minute… What?!!!

Last week I introduced you to a new kind-of fight club… the PROTEIN FIGHT CLUB. Remember that video where Milk took on Orange Juice? *I want to send a big shout-out to MilkPEP for sponsoring this post here at Jenny On the Spot. All claims about my and my family’s love for milk are honest and […]