It’s the FOURTH Annual POULSBOPALOOZA in 3… 2…1…

In it’s fourth year, Poulsbopalooza is. This Saturday, August 11, 2012!!! This local event is particularly near-and-dear for several reasons: 1) It started small (2009) in an effort to bring the stage to us… Don’t wait for an invitation, people. Become THE INVITER… A local park had a stage. I called up the local parks […]

Poulsbopalooza (Rock Concert and Diaper Drive)

It’s tomorrow! If we are friends on Facebook, you know this is my current avatar: It’s because I want the whole world, to come to POULSBOPALOOZA (background/history here)!!! And I want them to bring diapers. Or a donation to buy diapers. AND ROCK-OUT! Poulsbopalooza is a local rock-fest aaaaand diaper drive… ¬†And did I mention… […]

An Amends and Unicorn Cakes and Strapping Young Men

I’m am SO sorry. I have not been a good web hostess. I left early-to-the-early last Thursday to attend the BlogHer Conference… and got back late last night (if you are reading this in 2022, that would be Aug. 4-8, 2011… Thu-Mon… A LONG time for mommy to be away… bless my husband’s heart… he […]

A Tale of Pee: No. I Have A Change of Clothes

My youngest is 5. She is my third. So. Pretty much. With her being my third and being 5 and all, we are all done with “accidents”. Right? *insert look of exasperation here* SO. Yesterday. We were at the park — ALL DAY. For this: Yeah. I sang too. But more on THAT epic tale […]