Take It On Tuesday: We’re Grilling Up Some Baby Back Ribs!

Confession: we (my husband and I) have never grilled our own ribs. Well, we have if you count the pre-packaged, pre-seasoned/sauced ribs. And we feel that is the cheater way. Though they are great in a pinch or moment of craving, but there is nothing like rolling up your sleeves and making them all on […]


I know. I had you at BARBECUE. MEMPHIS STYLE BARBECUE Of course there is also Texas barbecue, Carolina barbecue, Kansas City barbecue, California barbecue (hot dogs, over a fire, on the beach, right?), Hawaiian barbecue, KOREAN barbecue… Recently, Pork Be Inspired gave away five $5000 prizes to folks who entered their Pork Passion Pursuit contest. One prize was given to […]

The Food Network South Beach Food & Wine Festival – #porkatSOBE Video Peek!

To refresh your memory… I went to the Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival a few weeks back. I wrote about it here and here. I left the event feeling so inspired… to cook more, to take on a charcoal grill and fix up my own awesome baby back ribs, and to add Latin […]

Food Network South Beach Wine and Food Festival: Part 2 (Pork Passion Pursuits!)

So… I went to Miami. (Part 1 here) I was there because I am one of the Pork 5. The Food Network South Beach Wine and Food Festival was just HORRIBLE. That’s not true. I was just helping you not feel so jealous. Did it work? The focus of our mission there was to talk […]

On the Spot in MIAMI for the Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival!

So… I’m not at home. Nope. I’m getting a good helping of Vitamin D and FOOD! I am in South Beach with the National Pork Board as one of The Pork 5… representin’, keepin’ it real, and experiencing all the delicious pork I can get my hungry little hands/teeth on. As of Thursday, I had […]