Planking, Hula Hooping and a Slow Internets

I have been having some issues with my internets lately. I have felt like it was 1996 again when it comes to speedy connectivity… sans that squarky, high-pitched dial-up sound. Lately, I find myself waiting while that spinny, page loading/page not loading thingy turns. And turns. And turns. And turns. The other day, I had […]

Planking + Mud = Family Pictures

FAMILY PICTURES  – WOO!!! Our brilliant photographer (and good friend Mark Gsellman – Photomatopoeia) captured some fun moments one partly-cloudy afternoon a couple weeks back. I thought I’d share just a few here. Because I can’t help it. We may or may not be into technology and/or mobile devices… That’s our apple tree – isn’t […]

Free Association Post: It’s like therapy, sans therapist

I find that when I am stressed (now)… making lists can be very helpful. But you know me (do you know me?)… I work a lil’ bit different that many. My lists don’t always consist of my to-dos nor my dreams… nor of the people I want to flick on the forehead… Well maybe the […]